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Spotlight: Christina Marie

Christina Marie is a professional singer, songwriter and session musician based in Bristol, UK, a place she loves for its

Spotlight: Shel Bee

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Shel Bee is a singer, songwriter, and producer living in Los Angeles, California. She

Spotlight: Aly Frank

Originally from Monsey, New York, about 45 minutes away from NYC, Aly Frank is a producer, composer, songwriter, and vocalist

Spotlight: James Stone

Getting his start in music production in 2012, James Stone’s sound has evolved over the years to incorporate a variety

Spotlight: Polecat

Youri de Bruijn, aka Polecat, is a Dutch record producer and musician based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Beside producing and

Spotlight: Gaias Coding

Gaias Coding began composing music at age 16, recording different instruments while incorporating a vast array of sounds with classical

Spotlight: Amy Kirkpatrick

Amy Kirkpatrick is a professional songwriter and artist based in Toronto and Los Angeles, with several #1’s in many genres,

Spotlight: Chris Burke

Chris Burke’s velvet vocals combine contemporary neo-soul/pop with the classic sounds of Stax and Motown. Having grown up in Henderson,

Spotlight: Madeleine Wood

Originally from the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Madeleine Wood is a Recording​ ​Artist​, ​Feature​ ​Vocalist​, and self-described​ ​F*cking​ ​Nice​ ​Person​.​ Three

“Southpaw singer” Shayna on the importance for singers to learn how to engineer their own vocals in the new age of the Music Industry.

Shayna is a singer, songwriter, pianist and producer from Chicago-‘ish’, Illinois. Singing since a young age, her peers knew her