Top Music Production websites to get excited for in 2022

1: Bedroom Producers Blog

If you’re looking for classes, tips, or just free samples, it’s hard to get better than Bedroom Producers blog. This site is an excellent resource, and well worth keeping up with.

2: Hyperbits

Hyperbits offers and online masterclass for music production and mastery. If you’re not looking for that, the site also offers guides, resources, and hardware recommendations for armatures and professionals in the industry alike.

3: LANDR blog

LANDR is a hub for musicians of all walks to read up on production, mixing, and creativity. It’s guides not only help improve your current music, but serve as guides for finding further inspiration and creativity going forward. LANDR offers professional mastering for creators, as well as supporting artists through the entire music creating process.

4: Production Advice

Production Advice is the passion project of Ian Shepherd, a professional mastering engineer and owner of Mastering Media Ltd. On this blog he shares tips to help your music sound as good as it possibly can, with an array of tutorials as well as advice on recording, mixing and mastering techniques.

5: The Music Producers Blog

The Music Producers Blog is, unsurprisingly, a blog for and by music producers, with an additional focus on audio engineers. Here you can find tips and tricks, articles on how to succeed, and even free VST’s and sound packs. A great blog to keep an eye on to develop yourself as an artist.

6: House Ninja Music

This is a personal blog by the masked electronic musician The House Ninja. He is a DJ with a focus on feel-good top 40 remixes and house music. On this blog he also includes tips and tricks for making your own music, as well as workshops, resources and giveaways. Certainly worth joining the mailing list to keep up to date.

7: Velveteen Audio

Velveteen Audio is a professional recording studio which has an award-winning music production team, the blog shares music production tips from the engineers and producers who work there. Learn how to make music, from song writing to recording and producing, to mixing and mastering. One of our favourite blogs are 4 TIPS TO FIND YOUR SOUND AS A PRODUCER and 3 DESERT ISLAND PLUGINS. Have a read and add it to your

8: Icon Collective

Icon Collective is an online music production school designed to empower artists with a deeper understanding of their personal creative path. Get production tips, articles that will teach you the core technical skills necessary to advance your craft, and much more.

9: EDMProd

EDMProd helps electronic music producers master EDM production. Develop yourself as an artist with comprehensive articles, tutorials, guides, and in-depth courses. If you have any interest in EDM, add this site to your repertoire of resources to keep an eye on.

10: Sounds and Gear

A lot of these blogs provide tutorials, tips, and guides for music production, and Sounds and Gear is no different. However, they also offer in depth reviews tech and music gear necessary for the production process. Ad this to their creative technology news coverage, and you have a website to watch.