Gaias Coding began composing music at age 16, recording different instruments while incorporating a vast array of sounds with classical elements. She went on to produce hundreds of powerful pieces of music for various artists. Handling both music and lyrics with ease, she’s revolutionized world music, not only writing and producing records but forming her own publishing company to license independent artists.

Born in Istanbul, Turkey and raised in Toronto she now splits her time between LA and Toronto. Gaias travels and works on the road a lot and is happiest when traveling! In 2017, she founded a creative incubator in Los Angeles and continues to help young creators reach their potential. Below, we find out why this multi-talented producer thinks it’s not necessarily the voice which makes a singer the best to work with on any given project, and what her portable gear consists of – essential for working on the road.

Tell us about your musical journey – how did you get into production?

As a child, I watched my older cousin produce two new artists for a major record label in Europe. Some of these songs topped the charts! He was really good at what he did. The process of putting together a record from inception to distribution and promotion really started to fascinated me. At 16, I started recording and layering sounds in Cubase and went on to work with countless mentors.

What’s your major career goal?

I am putting together a creative incubator for social media influencers and musicians. This incubator helps creators produce and monetize their content through the incubator.

What are your upcoming releases?

I am currently serving as an executive producer on a producer’s album.

Tell us about your setup – from your studio to your DAW. What’s your favorite piece of gear?

I try to keep my setup as portable as possible because I travel so much. I do have a bunch of gear that just sits in storage space for the months but my portable set-up includes; Apollo Twin Duo Mark II, Neumann TLM 103 + Logic Pro X.

Tell us about your production process. Do you have a particular formula you keep to?

I like to start with music first. Once the skeleton of the song is in place, I’ll come up with different melodies and lyrics. I leave projects alone for a little bit of time to regain objectivity. Once the majority of the song is written, we’ll produce multiple versions with different session players and artists.

What’s your biggest success to date?

Definitely my company. Starting and growing a business is hard and takes long but it is very rewarding.

Out of all the records you’ve made, what’s your favorite and why?

Most of my favorites were written for others but out of the ones that are mine and released, I really love a song titled Warzone. It’s a favorite because of the message. The war in Syria, and the suffering of the children has troubled me for some time. Any one of us could’ve been born at the wrong place, at the wrong time. It’s important that we remember and give back. Many of these kids have gone through trauma, we cannot even comprehend. I wrote this from their perspective to tell their story. Expressing this pain through music has helped me cope.

Who would you most like to work with, and why?

I am a big fan of Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. One of the greatest writers of our time for sure.

Which artists do you find inspiring? Why?

People like Charlie Puth, Miguel, Kanye West who wear many hats inspire me. They produce, write, perform and do everything else in between.

Who is your favorite producer? Why?

I love Benny Blanco. His music is always original and unique but mainstream all at the same time.

What’s your guilty pleasure song?

I love the new Camila Cabello song Havana because it’s authentic, true to the artist’s roots, unique and original. Been playing it on repeat!

What do you look for in a singer?

A lot of artists can be difficult to work with! Vocal mistakes could be fixed in post but there is no quick fix for bad attitude. An ideal artist would be hard-working, humble and lenient with a unique, distinctive sound.

Do you have a favorite microphone you prefer to record vocalists on? If so, why?

I really love Neumann mics for their detailed crispiness.

Have you made new connections through Vocalizr? Has it opened any doors for you?

I love the talent I’ve been discovering here. I don’t know how Vocalizr is getting word out but this site is growing very quickly!

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what are 3 things you couldn’t live without?

A big comforter + supplements + Bible 🙂

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