Originally from Monsey, New York, about 45 minutes away from NYC, Aly Frank is a producer, composer, songwriter, and vocalist based out of New York. With two albums in the works, so far she has released several singles, music videos and ‘original covers’.

One such original cover is her rendition of We Don’t Talk Anymore, where she re-wrote the lyrics and re-produced the song in its entirety (keep an ear out for the dramatic finale). She also composes movie score-style instrumentals using strings/violin, guitar, and her main instrument – piano.

Aly labels herself “genre-free” – she’ll sing pop one day, rock the next, and always keeps her audience on their toes. She continues to surprise her rapidly growing fan base with new and unique material, keeping it versatile yet relatable.

She recently moved to Brooklyn and loves living there while she pursues her musical dreams. Below we ask about those dreams, how manga was her gateway to a musical career and her eclectic taste in music.

Tell us about your singing journey. How did you get into singing?

I started out drawing manga graphic novels! That turned into writing my first book, and that

turned into writing a theme song. I was around 10 at the time, I don’t recall the song but once I tapped into that form of art I instantly knew it was what I truly wanted to do.

What’s your singing dream? Any major goals?

My goal is to inspire others who have maybe had similar experiences to mine. My number one quality in music is emotion – it’s from the heart, so it reaches the heart. I want to help change lives, I want to make a difference.

What are your upcoming releases?

I’ve had two albums in the works for several years now – some other artists might get this. The advice we should all follow is LET IT BE, but my perfectionist self still wants to improve, improve, improve. In the meantime, I’m constantly releasing new singles, and covers.

Is there a particular warm up process you have before recording?

Some basic scales. Then I run through the song several times prior to recording.

Tell us about your songwriting process – is there a particular way you tackle the topline?

I improvise the vocal melody by singing random words that come to mind, then re-write after the vocal melodies are set.

What’s your biggest success to date?

I just sang in Boulders Stadium in my hometown, and one of my tracks just played in Omnia Nightclub in Vegas, which has been frequented by Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Zedd and more. Honestly, it’s all about the random big successes that make this such an enjoyable ride.

What’s your favourite record that you have performed on?

I recently released a pop track with producer Mobin Master called “Loving You”. I’ve never had so much fun recording a track, I kept dancing.

Which artists do you find inspiring? Why?

I find emerging artists the most inspiring. No one truly understands the mindset and the

determination you need to have unless you’re in the position. So, I’d say my fellow artists inspire me.

Who is your favourite singer? Why?

Don’t make me choose! Haha, but I will say I love Sia. She’s versatile, multi-talented, and always conveys emotion.

What are your top 5 favourite records of all time?

Oh man, this also changes day to day! Right now I’m at:

Fire by EMBRZ

Lost On You by Lewis Capaldi

Xo Tour Llif3 by Fame on Fire

Hymn For The Weeknd – (Seeb Remix) by Coldplay

Teenage Fever by Drake

There you go, we got pop, rock, r&b, and a piano ballad. What more could you need?

What’s your guilty pleasure song?

Right now it’s Kissing Strangers by DNCE!

Do you have a home studio? If so, tell us about your setup?

Yes I do. My favorite place to hang out. Got some foam panels all around. Two microphones, my MXL is on a stand with a mini vocal booth attached, and the other, my go-to Shure performance microphone is mounted in front of my computer at face level. Midi keyboard, JBL speakers, Focusrite Saffire 40 interface.

Do you have a favourite microphone? If so, why?

Kinda got my eye on that Blue Bottle. Sheesh that’s cute.

How did you find singing jobs before Vocalizr?

Social media, word of mouth. I must say, Vocalizr is an amazing platform for all kinds of artists to utilize and exercise their talents.

Have you made new connections through Vocalizr? Has it opened any

doors for you?

Tons! I’ve met so many different people that I now am in almost constant touch with. Such good people on this site, and I’m looking forward to connecting with even more.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what are 3 things you couldn’t live


Being my practical Virgo self, I’ll say food, water and my phone (to get off the deserted island and get to the other things I can’t live without) 😛

Social links:

Website – www.alyfrank.com

Youtube – www.youtube.com/alyfrankmusic

Instagram – www.instagram.com/alyfrankmusic

Facebook – www.facebook.com/alyfrankmusic

Snapchat @alyfrankyo