17 great things we learned from singer and producer DOMy Gee

Male vocalist writtenbydom talks success in the music and television industries.

Freelance singer songwriter talks us though collaborating in the music industry and being true to yourself while singing for others.

Dominic is a Producer, Singer and Songwriter established within the Television and Music Industry. He has worked on projects with the likes of MTV, Vh1, The Big Bang Theory and many more.

From TV shows to writing for artists in the music industry, there isn’t much this guy hasn’t dabbled in when it comes to music and creativity. Through his eyes music is the glue that holds this crazy thing we call life together.

Given his extensive experience in the music industry combined with his embracing Vocalizr as his next creative outlet, we were intrigued. We wanted to know more about Dom, his story, his creative process and why he thinks it’s important to be your own biggest fan.

Tell us about your singing journey. How did you get into singing?

I had a musical upbringing as both of my parents were vocalists and musicians. Then around the age of 8 I was selected to sing in a concert with country music legend Kenny Rogers, and the rest is history.

What’s your singing dream? Any major goals?

I am 32 years old with a family so there isn’t much of a dream anymore. If something were to happen I would be all for it, if not no worries. I would say vocally I would like to become a brand within the business of music. For instance I plan to have more music within the TV/Film and Ad Campaign lane, and I am looking forward to getting music licensed.

What are your upcoming releases?

Right now I am experimenting with house music. I would like to put out a full project on BeatPort, and just explore that avenue a little more.

Is there a particular warm up process you have before recording?

I wouldn’t say I do any warm-ups, but I do drink the most innovative stuff for singers “Throat Coat”. TC keeps me from cracking and keeps everything smooth, it also doesn’t break the bank being that it’s only about $4 at your local drug store.

Tell us about your songwriting process – is there a particular way you tackle the topline?

My song-writing process consist of making a melody and then concept. After finding a concept it is easier to write lyrics and keep a storyline flowing.

What’s your biggest success to date?

I’m going to keep it 100, and say this is still in the making. I’ve placed things in TV shows like The Big Bang Theory. I’ve been a vocalist for a universal “Feed The Children” ad campaign for ChildFund, but the ultimate success is still yet to happen for me.

What’s your favourite record that you have performed on?

I would probably say a record I did with rapper Joe Budden featuring The Game and myself. It was my very first music industry placement, and at the time it was validation that I can become established as long as I stay true to my talent.

Who in the music industry would you most like to work with?

Innovators! People who think outside the box when it comes to business and creating music. I can say maybe I’ve burned a few bridges with some famous folks, because I feel that music brings us together to hone our craft, not the other way around. There are times I feel like I intimidate folks with this belief, so I always try to respect someone else’s craft but not to get all ‘star-struck” and or ‘kiss-ass’ so to speak, because there is a higher power giving us these gifts.

Which artists do you find inspiring and why?

Any artist or musician that I’ve had the pleasure in working with is inspiring. I say this because whatever interaction you have with a person is obviously a connection. Whatever energy or chemistry you give off is going to make you either successful or unsuccessful. I haven’t had too many bad experiences with the actual chemistry of making music.

Who is your favourite singer?

I am my favourite singer. If you’re not going to believe in yourself who is?  Also, I believe I’m here to touch other lives in a positive way. I don’t mean in being idolized but being a messenger from something greater for all of us. If I can do that then my life is complete.

Do you have a home studio? If so, tell us about your setup?

Yes, I work with a FOCUSRITE Scarlett 2i2 interface [2nd Gen]. Then a BLUE Bluebird condenser mic, but my main DAW is Presonus Studio 3.

How did you find singing jobs before Vocalizr?

I work with an amazing producer as a vocalist on YouTube. We work on animation and writing original songs for Minecraft. The name of the channel is Minecrafts Jams. He has over 330k in subscribers.

Has Vocalizr opened doors for you?

Mos Def! I am connecting with great people and making money to boost.

Have you made new connections through Vocalizr?

Yes, I am connecting with producers all over the world from Brazil to Sweden, and so on.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what are 3 things you couldn’t live without?

A helicopter, a speedboat, and an Ipod Touch to listen to my latest mixes on the way back from that island, because I’m not staying!