Our newest major feature: Contests & Listing Upgrades

Here at Vocalizr, we are always looking for ways to improve how artists engage and work with each other on the site. In an effort to keep giving our users what they want and improving the means for artists to connect and work together to make great music, we built Contests.

Contests & Listing Upgrades

How it works

Contest prizes are set and paid for upfront and the contest creator is required to upload their track for vocalists or producers to put their demos over. The demo is the collaborator’s entry into the contest. Just like with Gigs, both the contest creator and entrants audio uploads are converted to 112kbps for security. Contest prize money is held in trust by Vocalizr until the winner is found. This allows the artist to be in control of how much they want to spend on the project, allows the collaborators to be aware of exactly what they will get if they win the Contest, and provides complete transparency for all involved.

Once the Contest is posted, the artist will receive entries that are audible to them only. Other Vocalizr users will be able to see that there are entries, but will not be able to listen to them. From there, it’s simply a process of choosing the best or most suitable demo entry, and awarding the Contest.

Once awarded, the process is identical to the current Gig setup – the artist and contest winner both sign an agreement and enter the Vocalizr Studio, where they can work together to finalize the project and the funds are released once the project is complete.

Creating and awarding a Contest

  1. To create a Contest, click on the always visible ‘Create Gig or Contest’ button.
  2. Choose ‘Create Contest’
  3. Fill in the Contest description page, and upload your track in mp3 format.
  4. Click ‘Next’
  5. Choose your Contest listing upgrade options.
  6. Pay for your Contest (fully refundable) & upgrades.
  7. Publish your Contest.
  8. Listen to entries from Vocalizr artists.
  9. Award the Contest to your favourite entry.

Security for entrants and creators

Here at Vocalizr we are pretty passionate about protecting all our artists’ work and creating a positive, safe platform for collaboration. Just as with the existing Gigs system, a Contest creator’s music or song will be converted to 112kbps mp3 ensuring that it can’t be duplicated, recorded or ripped off in any way. Once the Contest is posted, all the demo entries will also be converted to 112kbps mp3, providing protection for both artist and collaborators. Additionally, Contest creators must agree to Terms & Conditions, which prohibit unlawful use of entrants’ IP prior to publishing their Contest. This system protects against anyone utilizing our users’ IP unlawfully. In the interest of artistic integrity, all demo entries are only audible to the Contest creator, not any other Vocalizr artists.


In this release, we have also launched Upgrades – listing promotions which are paid for upfront, and allow a listing, whether a Gig or a Contest, to stand out from the others. Upgrade options for Gig or Contest creators include:

  • Private listing – only members you invite will be able to view the Contest.
  • Highlight (puts a bright blue border around the listing)
  • Featured (puts a featured banner on the listing and keeps the listing at the top of Gig Hunter)